The environmental impact on our health and well-being is a growing concern.  Interior designers today confront this issue and search for solutions to achieve better coexistence with nature while staying so many hours indoor during the day. Apparently, good design can create stylish and simultaneously superb healthy living spaces.

How to achieve the look? Follow these guidelines for a home full of charm and spirit that do not compromise on comfort, balance, health and well-being.


Having a minimalistic home comes with a full set of advantages – the most important one is that the minimalist home has a positive effect on our wellbeing, even if subconsciously. A minimalist home creates a less stressful environment. Too many unused items of furniture becomes a visual distraction. The less clutter, the less visual stress we have.

Thoughtful placement of the elements in a room can establish an overall feeling of wonderfulness. You want to encourage the eye to hit only the pleasant and well styled spots and create a certain flow and connection between everything. Always reconsider what’s not essential during your daily living. Minimalism is a lifestyle to incorporate into everyday life. You can come back to each room every day, and discover things you can simplify even more.


Think about a color palette that mimics what’s found in nature:  browns, greens, and grays. The color of nature, fertility, harmony, health, growth and a symbol of life. They create an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. These are the perfect choice for an accent color as its strong presence and lively shades work best when used to highlight key furniture pieces following a particular color scheme. Nature’s color have a calming effect on the nervous system, introducing a feeling of freshness, pureness and offering a sense of renewal.


The majority’s favorite pick is always white especially in the kitchen. White kitchens effect a fresh and ultra-elegant and contemporary look.  Flat-fronted doors and drawer fronts invokes a very sleek, contemporary look. While going all white, go for kitchen cabinets which are handle less and hydraulic that fold up and out of the way with the touch of their surface.


Today’s showers are all about luxury and comfort. Go for the spa resort effect. Walk-in shower enclosures reflects the latest architectural trends and contemporary interior design, creating a luxurious and comfortable place to just relax. Simple glass enclosures, taking inspiration from luxury hotels are large enough even for a shower in two. Locate your shower in an area where privacy can be obtained. Limiting the cabinetry to a single cabinet and the wall color to a single hue erases visual boundaries.


Select stone, brick or marble for you flooring in gray or white to highlight the space. Decorate with pottery around and incorporate plants as well. For a more textured finish, cobblestones and pebbles are ideal. Granite, bluestone and porphyry are great options to examine as well.


Upgrading the connection with your garden can easily create a beautiful and well-maintained continuation of your home. Choose colors for your interior that complement your outdoor area. If your house is in a warm area with desert landscape, a muted color scheme of grays and browns would blend beautifully with your outdoor garden. If you live in a green area, a white and gray color palette would can be considered.

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