Bretagne Blair and Shea Capri Bartley discuss their vision for the project.

Unity Foundation's Audrey White proudly displays the design plan developed by KWS for the project!

Yesterday we had a marvelous experience! Our Design Assistants Bretagne Blair and Shea Capri Bartley gave a lovely presentation to Unity Health Care Corporate team and  Color Cares National Advisory Board Member and National Color guru of  Sensational Color, Kate Smith,  on the design concept for the Unity Health Care Reading Corner Project. See our July 10th Blog post for the background on this project.  They presented two themes:  Welcome Aboard the Discovery Explorers! and Let’s Dive into Reading and Escape the Discovery Cove!

Everyone was given a special gift - the design plan and specifications.
Kate Smith of Sensational Color and National Business Advisory Board member of Color Cares reviews the design plan.

The presentation was so phenomenal, I had to share with you the reaction of Audrey White of the Unity Health Care Foundation:

The lead designers pose with Unity Health Care Corporate Team and Color Cares
KWS Principal Sherry Ways with Unity Health Care, Design Team and Color Cares Kate Smith

“I just HAD to thank you all for the beautiful experience we had today! It was pure joy to have the opportunity to reconnect with Sherry Ways, principal at Kreative Ways and Solutions who is a PHENOMENAL volunteer member of the Unity family (taking the lead on our other major Key Corner project at Unity’s East of the River Health Center, meet  Kate Smith of Sensational Color and member of the Advisory Board for Color Cares, as well as to see the DC General spaces through the eyes of Kreative Ways’ INCREDIBLE design staff interns (Shea and Bretagne).   I tell you I was speechless (which as all of you know NEVER HAPPENS!  LOL!) after an incredible presentation of two options for the corners.  The themes were “wild about reading” – a jungle theme and “dive into reading” an undersea adventure!

Perspective of Concept One- Dive Into Reading
Concept One- Second perspective Dive Into Reading

It is a Divine gift to be able to see such potential beauty in a space that is currently dismal (to put it kindly) — I am even more excited and energized about our partnership on this (and other Key Corner sites).  To top it all off – we left with an incredible gift that shares the overall concepts in a concise, organized and visually appealing way (design specification books)!”

Concept Two- Wild About Books Perspective
Concept Two-Wild About Books Perspective 2

We are excited to announce in addition to Color Cares, Pepco has signed on to be an additional sponsor.  In addition, local celebrity volunteers have stepped up to help.

News Anchor Shawn Yancy of Fox 5 News has volunteered to assist the project!

News Anchor Shawn Yancy of Fox 5 News in Washington, DC, an artist herself, has enthusiastically volunteered to assist us!  We are in need of more volunteers to help us paint and other decorative tasks.

Please contact us at or 888-280-8318!

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