As we previously mentioned before, we have been working away at creating the two murals at the DC General Health Care Clinic which is our signature project.  See posts from  our July 10, 2011  and August 18, 2011  for the background on this project.

Our goal is to create beautiful healing environments for both young and old.  This project encourages children who visit Unity Health Care to read and enjoy their waiting experience prior to seeing their doctor or dentist.  Unity’s Reach Out and Read program has helped thousands of young people visiting their clinics every day to read and share with their families.

We are proud to announce that BOTH murals and redesigned reading corners will be unveiled during a ribbon cutting on Friday, December 9th.   Both Bretagne Blair and Shea Capri Bartley have been doing a tremendous job putting this project together.  We hope you have a chance to stop by after December 9th to review.  We are still looking for volunteers who have an arts background who can assist us for the next three weekends to finish the painting of the murals.  If you or someone you may know is interested, please contact us at

Bretagne Blair works diligently on the mural
Mural in progress.Simply adorable.Almost Finished!

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