Sometimes we second guess ourselves when we want to redecorate or homes or offices. Due to lack of confidence or a feeling of not being creative enough we tend to short change ourselves and rely on the media to dictate what trends are in vogue.  I have seen this so much with my clients.  They will tell me “well I read in the Washington Post that this color is the color that everyone is using.”  How about this one?  This celebrity designer “says she always incorporates this accent into her interior design.”  Or “my neighbor’s house has this color tile.  I want something similar.”

You should decorate your home based on your personality and lifestyle because in the end you will be the one living there. Most people don’t even trust their own taste. They just copy the designs they see in the magazine on HOUZZ, Pinterest or on television home design shows. These media outlets provide an inspiration for décor and design.  However, this does not mean that they should be copied verbatim. You are free to bend the rules when it comes to décor.

Use your personal style when decorating your home. Don’t try to make the design too perfect. Just create something beautiful that shows your history and personality. You can decide to have eclectic chairs in your living room or just decorate your walls and floors with various ceramic tiles.  This will in turn provide a replica of your inner self.

With one look at your home décor, your visitors should be able to tell who you are. A traveler, an artist or even a vintage lover.

Your home is the only place where you have full control of who you are.  So let it be the magical place that deserves your full attention. You can however do anything you want with your home. No one would question your taste as long as it reflects your personality and uniqueness.

Once you do this, you will inspire others to do same. If you are not too sure where to begin, you can look at some pictures showing how different rooms are furnished. From this, you will find that you don’t really need too much to create an extraordinarily beautiful interior.

My new book Landing on Your Feet and Setting Down Roots: 21 Rituals for Transforming Your Life and Your Interior Space is a great book to begin your journey to creating a space that supports you and your life.  Check it out here and pre-order your copy today.

Don’t forget that nothing is impossible. You are the one limiting yourself. Push yourself, go beyond limits.




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