This one is exclusively for the ladies – but men are good cooks too. Well, whoever you are, if you like to cook or cooking is part of your job description then this one is for you.

You know if you are a cook at home then kitchen is your personal space where you can let lose your creative skills to create striking blend of flavors. Some savvy dishes that leave your spouse, children, friends and family wanting for more; better yet the latter… they just crave that time of the year when they can just come down to your place for a nice meal prepared from your kitchen.

Moreover, your kitchen is also a place for you to unwind after a long day at work or relax and blend into the aroma of flavors bursting out of the stove. All this is very dreamy and one certainly hopes to have a kitchen that is designed intentionally to making your cooking seamless and enjoyable.

So today, I welcome you to kitchen Space 101 where we’ll discuss design tips for your kitchen so that it not only energizes your life, but makes you want to stay in your flavor heaven as long as you want with food that is not only delicious but smart – prepared to maximize your health.

 Tip One: Open Up

The best kitchens are the ones that are open and give you easy movement. You should start by finding ways to make that happen. Clear your countertops with unnecessary utensils and crockery. Make a list of all the utensils and crockery that you use daily for cooking; just keep those around and put the remainder of them stocked in closed door shelfs. You can buy utensil hangers to hang knives and ladles. If you are one of those who like to display your cooking ammunition then you can buy open rack stands for displaying your crockery and save space in a smart way.

Make your kitchen as de-cluttered as possible so that you can have space to keep fruits, nuts and other nutrient-filled go-to foods on the kitchen table so that your children or you may have an easy access to them. Also colorful fruits on the table are a visual delight to your eyes.

Cleaning up and making room in your kitchen can also help you keep important things visible. It also adds to reducing your prep time and keeping you from stressing when you are short of time. Or when your cooking space becomes a social hangout during family dinners and parties. Also if you are like me who doesn’t do dishes after a meal, you can fit in deep sinks so the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space do not look tainted by a pile of dirty dishes.

 Tip Two: Light Up

Experts say natural sunlight helps you connect with nature and inspire your food choices. It makes your space well-lit and saves electricity. A healthy dose of sunlight also aids to enhance the overall feel and mood of your kitchen space.

For exposure, you can start with opening your windows and blinds. Let the light inside and brighten your cooking experience. You can also install a skylight – it will improve light effect when it’s sunny and give you a cozy, comfortable feeling when it’s raining outside.

Since, the idea is to light up your mood and help you ease into character, you can also set up a docking station or put a radio stand so that you can listen and enjoy your favorite songs, podcast or just catch up on news – a soft distraction, in form of music, also adds to ambience of your cooking space.

 Tip Three: Fill Up

This one is all about your food choices and how you can make the most of your kitchen space by storing healthy foods and an indoor herb garden for all that flavorful aroma.

First step to a filled up beautiful pantry is to decide how you can re-organize your pantry. Start by cleaning the shelfs and sorting out all the different food types. You can separate them in four different categories such as items you use daily, items that you use less frequently, items that are about to expire and unopened stocks that you do not think should be part of your healthy lifestyle. The latter food items, you can even donate.

Second step is to smartly restock your pantry. I suggest you use containers like glass bottles and mason jars for storing spices, nuts, grains and other ingredients. They will also help you make your pantry look more colorful. Experts suggests that when you are to restock your pantry you should start by all your healthy ingredients in the center shelf followed by low calorie foods so that they are easy to grab. Chocolates and other fatty foods should be kept on the top shelfs that are not so easy to grab. This is psychologically is a good step in keeping a check on your weight. Also you should create an order in your pantry with baking items at one side, pasta on the other and so forth.

Moving on to herbs. They are an important plus in your healthy diet for they add savory and flavor and help you cut down on unhealthy choices like salt and butter. You can a hang vertical garden on any of the kitchen walls that have access to sunlight for plants will need adequate sunlight to grow. There are many variants of vertical gardens available in the market that are designed in a smart way to save space and make your kitchen look more vibrant – growing plants indoor have tendency to lift your mood and are very soothing to the eyes. You can grow parsley and other fresh herbs or maybe even grow vegetables that are easy to manage. However, if you find it a hassle to manage a vertical garden, you can again use glass bottles and mason jars to keep on your window ceiling or in a cabinet next to a stovetop – a low maintenance version of keeping an herb garden.

 To Conclude:

These three tips are your first lesson in making your kitchen another feel good space in your house. You can start with these, make small healthy changes to your kitchen and then go from here to explore other ways to make your life better. Be as creative as you like. Be simple and eat deliciously healthy food.



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