I am pretty sure you have heard this in your science class, in high school, that carbon gases are poisonous to human beings and oxygen is a lifesaver. And that plants suck in all the carbon that is in the air and releases oxygen for us to inhale.

I am also sure you’d have experienced that revitalizing effect of inhaling oxygen filled air if you have a habit of going to your neighborhood park for morning jogs and casual stretching exercises. Science proves that being near to greenery especially in the morning energizes you and makes you healthy.

Like everything in this world, every species of plants have a special purpose. Their benefits are numerous for our surroundings and that is why more and more people advocate planting trees. And not just planting trees outside but having indoor gardens and house decorations filled with different plants and flowers. University of Michigan and Texas A&M University conducted a research on the effects of plantation on health and concluded that being near to plantation and greenery goes from enhancing mental and physical health to reducing crime in the neighborhood.


To give you a worldview of the extent of how plants can help you create feel good spaces and attractive interiors, let me tell you how you can benefit from being arounds plants from now on.

 Enhanced Ambience

Do you think your home is pollution free? What if I were to tell you that the air in your home contains invisible toxins ready to harm you or that it breeds smells that attract mosquitos?

You need not go buy expensive air filters or air fresheners but you can just go buy plants such as Marigolds, Citronella, Catnip, Lavender, Basil and Lemon Balm. A mixture of these plants not only makes your space look more attractive but their distinctive smell repels mosquitos and other insects, while at the same time clears the atmosphere from all toxins.

You may also consider another great specie of plant known as Laurentii or better known as Snake Plant. This is a low maintenance plant; makes a great statement as part of a home décor feature and has the unique ability to release oxygen during night making it a best fit for your bedroom.

 Concentration, Memory, Learning.

Another benefit of having plants, around the interiors of your space, is their ability to aid in learning, building memory and concentration. Plants have this calming influence that favors positivity and helps increase your ability to concentrate and focus on the work at hand. Research says that if a child suffers from ADD, their study environment should have ornamental plants. Because they release a specific enzyme that is a natural focus booster.

Ornamental plants are not only a great fit for your interiors but they also affect your work. Research shows that if you decorate your office space or house with ornamental plants then they’ll help you improve the quality of your work with better accuracy. It will also increase your memory retention by more than 20 percent. And if I were you, I’d finish reading this article and head out to buy some ornamentals for my space.

Mental Health

No one can second guess the ability of plants in reducing stress and acting as soothing agents for a stressful environment. Take for example a hospital. Studies show that hospital patients who have flowers and plants in their room often recover more quickly than those who don’t. And that is why from now on every time you hear someone, you know, is in the hospital, you should go with flowers in hand or at least send flowers to help them recover faster.

Gardening also helps reduce stress. So if you are someone who works in a stressful environment, you should practice gardening to relax and refresh your mental state. Gardening also helps develop straits of kindness and care – of compassion as well.

You can make gardening a hobby and a way to reduce the cost of buying produces; you can grow vegetables and herbs that you use frequently in your diet and if you have a large enough space to start a kitchen garden you may even start a small organic vegetation business. A two way win for your mood and wallet.

Gardening can also be used as a therapy for post traumatic disorders. It helps alleviate mood, and reduce stress and anxiety that comes with traumas. Overall it can give patients an optimistic outlook on life and stimulate their body and mind for a speedy recovery.

Be a reason for someone’s appreciation. Make most of your surroundings.

Research says that having a green neighborhood helps reduce crime. If in your neighborhood there is a park that needs attention you should definitely play your part in preserving it.

When there are parks and recreation spaces in the neighborhood, everyone benefits from that clean air around the area; people come to parks to enjoy casual strolls and play. This way people are more involved and there is always an activity going on around the neighborhood, making burglary and theft very difficult – because they can only happen in quiet places.

If you do not have such a park, you can still play your part. If you live in a bungalow, and have space around the boundary wall that accesses the street, you can start by beautifying that space. Plant trees and flowers to enhance the overall look and feel of your space. It would even be a delight for passing by residents. It would lift their mood and maybe they can start beautifying their surroundings to improve the overall greenery of your area.

Also, if you live in an apartment building with access to windows and balcony, you can set up small pots on the balcony and window ceiling or maybe even plant an ivy… this will uplift the look of the building and if you are an owner of one, lifting the look through a green initiative may help you get that extra when you rent it out.

SO TO CONCLUDE. Plants are our saviors only if we realize their potential. They can be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle, a way to create feel good spaces, and an exciting edition to your interiors and living designs.


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