Sound is probably one of the most ignored areas of Interior Decoration, for although it cannot be seen it has a great effect of our enjoyment of a home or work environment.  Music has been known for thousands of years to relieve stress.

Sounds which are in tune with our body rhythms and color vibrations promote and maintain our health, while those that do not synchronize with us can cause illness.  As a someone creating and decorating your feel good space, consider ways of blocking out harmful sounds as well as introducing new ones.

The human body and spirit responds so well to musical vibrations that people who surround themselves with melodious music are often much happier, calmer and relaxed than those who do not have music as an important part of their lives.  Music has a direct effect on our emotions, by passing our mental faculties so that we respond immediately and intuitively to musical rhythms and melodies.

There are many ways we can use sound in a our feel good spaces, especially one where we wish to feel relaxed and stress free.  It is important, to integrate sound systems as an integral part of your feel good space.  I discuss this as part of the five senses of design in my book Feel Good Spaces.  Music is a supportive sound stimulus, guiding your body into re-attunement, overcoming toxic invasions.  Consider that every material in your home has its own sound quality.

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