Furniture in a house tells the story of the humans who live there.  Few things are as satisfying as seeing yourself reflected in your personal possessions.  We become attached to objects for the associations and memories they hold for us.  So long-possessed and cherished furniture exudes a warmth which comes from the beauty and the affection felt for it.  Try to incorporate your scheme around a loved piece of furniture or use it as your central source of inspiration.

Family heirlooms often hold the key to many generations of owners.  The energy held in this furniture can influence the well-being of the present owners.  Furniture can remind you of people, special times in our lives and other places.  This means that by association we are constantly and very subtly reminded of these connections every day.  If the furniture is linked to a happy time, place or person it will radiate positive energy to you.  If, however, the furniture was an unwanted gift or you do not like it, it will continue to reinforce these feelings of discomfort, anger, or resentment.

One of the five cardinal rules of Feng Shui is to discard anything in your home that does not bring you joy.

Make sure that you get rid of any unwanted furniture, especially if the shape and color does not appeal to you.  Having an object in your home that you dislike lowers the energy field of your entire home.  If you cannot get rid of an disliked piece of furniture disguise it in some way.  This will not get rid of the vibrations but will deflect them elsewhere.  You could get a  sofa or chair reupholstered, or hide it behind mounds of lovely pillows.  Put a large colorful tablecloth which you like over an unloved table, or hide the picture you hate behind a large lamp or a bouquet of flowers.

Hopefully this tip will comfort you as you rid yourself of things you do not love in your home or cherish those you do.

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