It has for years been a known fact that having things that you love and enjoy around you is the best solution for your physical, social and mental health. This is because your environment tends to shape your moods, overall happiness and in addition, activate your productivity.

But what exactly counts as your environment? Everything around you is your environment! From the colors on your walls to the furniture in your living room, all these have an effect on you whether consciously or sub-consciously. Having bright colors in your rooms and office, hanging your favorite motivational quotes and sayings, memorabilia from your favorite team and players or simply pictures of your loved ones can change a lot in your day-to-day activities.

Getting Started
To get started on the path to surrounding yourself with the things you love, you first have to get rid of all the things you do not need or love! This means taking time to sort through your possessions, discarding everything you no longer need and generally, just getting all the clutter out of your life!
This may prove hard at first, but you can work by setting a cutoff date. This means that anything that you have not used in the past three years should be donated, whether clothes or electronics! After this process, you will feel free and much lighter. Once you are done de-cluttering, then you can embark on restocking with the things that lighten up your mood and your house. Select your favorite items for your home d├ęcor and house or office accessories.

Surrounding Yourself Beauty
This is one of the best life hacks out there. Beauty in this instance should be taken to mean anything that brings joy and happiness to your life. This could be beautiful jewelry, clothes, electronics and awesome artwork or simply just flowers and some music you love. Beauty is found all around us, from nature to luscious smells and uncluttered spaces. Doing this will eventually lead you to be a happier and calmer individual while also improving your creativity and productivity whether at home or at work.

These concepts have been proven over time through numerous studies, both scientific and social. There is a clear relation between less clutter and more beauty and space in your environment and subsequent increase in productivity according to Roy Baumeister. In his book, Willpower: Rediscovering The Greatest Human Strength, he states that when people are surrounded by a working environment they love and enjoy, they are more likely to have more willpower and as a result work harder and even for longer periods!

The same idea applies to your home in that you will be calmer and same case for your family. Therefore, take time to de-clutter, take a walk around nature, play some soothing music as you work or relax and simply surround yourself with what you love! This will do more for your physical and mental health than you can imagine.

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