The Designer Monthly a publication of the Sheffield Interior Design School asked KWS Principal, Sherry Ways about design trends in 2011.  Here is an exerpt of the article:

“The pinch is also being felt in Washington, D.C., where Sherry Ways of Kreative Ways & Solutions sees the economy as “dictating how much consumers are spending on their homes and thus, impacting what they purchase, where and how.”

Still, each of the designers we spoke with has found a way to work with their clients, staying within budget while providing at least some of the design changes the client wants.

For Sherry Ways, this means simply paying close attention to what the client is saying about what they can afford and what look they want to achieve—something any designer ought to do even when times are flush. “I work on finding the best economical solutions to their design dilemmas, while keeping a firm design aesthetic reflective of their personalities and lifestyles,” she said.

To read more check out the article here

Photo by Life DEpicted Photography



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