One of the most powerful things you can do in the New Year is one of the most important- setting your intention!  We set intentions for our lives by way of affirmations and this time of year, New Year’s Resolutions!  How about setting a resolution for your space?  Set the intention of what you want to create a feel good space for all to enjoy.

One of my facebook friends just posted this lovely photo of an interior and words in which the interior will reflect for an occupant.  I think the words that describes what this occupant would like this space to be is powerful as well as infectious.

Using this photo above as a starting point, take a minute to think about your interior for 2012 and what you would like for it to reflect and be about for you.

List all the things you would like for your interior to say, do and feel for you and your family.  Then start setting about and implementing it.. one week at a time.  Start to declutter and rid yourself of things that no longer bring you joy.  Start thinking about the colors and furnishings in your home.  Is it time to repaint and bring in a different wall color?  Does your favorite chair need reupholstering?  What about finally getting those beautiful window treatments you always wanted?  NOW is the time to begin anew- a clean slate.

Think about what your H.O.M.E. means to you and begin a strategy to create it to reflect your New Year Resolutions in 2012.  Here is a wonderful way to break down this powerful word:

HEALTH.- what do you want your home to say about your goals for good health this year?  Write it down.

ORGANIZATION.-what ways can you better organized in your home in 2012?  Write it down.

MEMORIES.- what lasting memories do you want to create in your home this year?  Write it down.

ENVIRONMENT.-what are some aesthetic changes you would like to make in your interior?  Write it down.

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