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Usually, where is money made?

Office or rather, your workspace of course!

Your workspace is no doubt significant. In the event you are working an eight-hour workday, fortunately, that’s one-third of your life and making it count should definitely be a YES!

Whether you believe it or not, how well you arrange your office furniture and more so, ornamentations you choose have a deep impact on your business and workspace wellbeing.


Listed below are five Feng Shui theories to improve your power mojo:

  1. Ensure you have the right desk

A rickety desk equates to a rickety company. The same goes for something sturdy and solid. Think about this: How much work do you do at your desk? This symbolizes the basis of your company. Ensure it is practical, with the appropriate number of storage and drawers.

  1. Develop an organizational theory

Being 100% neat and tidy all the time is not ideal. People with creative mind want a bit of disorderliness to get the juices flowing, and do not always work that way. Yet, there shouldn’t be any reason for enormous loads of paperwork, files which are way too old and random pieces that do not appear to have a house. No matter how creative you are, those things are only going to empty your energy.

Prioritize; evaluate those items in your working environment. They need to be within reach of your seat, if they are of high priority. When they are of lesser priority, they may be kept in a far more out-of-the-way location. To put it differently, have the materials you are using now in your present space, as well as the other things correctly put away. You will see your mental facilities lighten and clear up, making you a lot more productive.

  1. Check your desk location

Think in regards to the films where the character goes to visit the huge power-player CEO type. How is the desk placed? Every time, at all time, the power-player has a view of the doorway. Never is the man’s back to the individuals who are visiting him in his office. That is known as the “command position.”

The point is the fact that we are still cave-people deep inside our brains, and we love knowing beforehand what’s coming at us. It makes us the commander of our situation. So in case your office allows you to get a view of the entry, situate your desk that way, or better still, set a mirror where you can at least get a perspective of it.

  1. Consider your light

Natural light is not dispensable. Peradventure you can use LED in your workspace, preferably those that can mimic natural light, go for it! Fluorescent lights flicker does nothing better than exhaust you; hence, ensure you stroll outside regularly throughout the day.

  1. Add personal and visuals items

These are needed by everyone. In case you’d like to feel like those things you are working on is essential, add your own touch to your office! Ensure the pictures are uplifting, and a quick tip to this is opting for pictures that support your career path for some reason, however symbolic they can be.

Remember, everything is energy, such as the items in your space. They possess the ability to change you positively or negatively. Furniture organization and representational power symbols can make all the difference in boosting your workspace productivity. Pick wisely!


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