For many of us, the external world is a determining factor in our happiness. 2018 is the year to begin shifting our attention to the gifts we already posses within ourselves. Sadhana (practice) is aimed at calming the mind in order hone our inner resources and create the ultimate expression of our lives in this reality.

On New Year’s Day, I attended a yoga practice at a local studio, that reiterated the concept of Sadhana.  This included asanas (poses), calming poses (Yin Yoga), deep relaxation (Nidra) and a short Meditation. But what came through this entire practice was the concept of going inward instead of outward for our source of strength, love and the cultivation of gratitude

For years our society looked outward for source instead of inward for what we feel is happiness.   What I learned was to refocus my energy in 2018 to one of inward and to seek the resource I already have to make lasting and significant change in my life.

So how can we use Sadhana in designing our spaces? Here are a few thoughts.

1) Look for sources of inspiration and expression from our homes by what we already have.  From the treasures we already possess.  For those of you who know me I always promote the concept of surrounding yourself with things that you love; one of the five cardinal rules of Feng Shui.  Treasure hunt your favorite possessions within your home that you already own and showcase those.

2) Look inward not outward for inspiration- not the internet, not celebrity home TV shows, other people’s homes.  Meditate inward about your life and personal resources that could spark inspiration in you.  Ask yourself what about your life or your innermost soul that inspires you? What is your favorite color?  How about your own life experiences? What is your personal mission statement?  Look for ways to use these resources to express your interior that is uniquely your own.

3) Wabi Sabi is the Japanese notion of simplicity. It’s about being happy with what you have… it’s about acceptance and embrace of all the beauty there is in a naturally imperfect world. Wabi Sabi is an experience to help users find appreciation. The Wabi Sabi experience is all about authenticity. So be as original as you can be. Use decoration pieces that have a history to it or a memory that makes you happy.

After my practice I meditated on the concept of understanding how to tap into my inner resource to transform my life and create change.  I challenge you in 2018 to use your inner resources to create change in your interior for growth and prosperity.


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