The influence of the urban style trend in our daily lives has become quite noticeable and it is hard not to notice its existence. This can be seen in commercial places such as cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and many other places. Not to mention how it has also come to greatly influence the interior design of various houses. Urban interior design can be done anywhere and not just in city-based places. Exposed ceilings and weathered brick walls ooze with elements of urban design but if your place does not have the above-mentioned aspects in that case, stainless steel would be the next best thing if you are looking for a sleek and downtown vibe that is similar. An added bonus being that it can be found almost anywhere.

An urban interior will have design features and home materials that are non-traditional and at times this will include objects which in an industrial sense are more traditionally used. The urban style involves the use of unfinished surfaces, exposed beams, metal siding, concrete floors and galvanized steel to give rise to a look that is distinctively bohemian and modern.

sually, random and non-functional objects are used in urban interiors to create an industrial or outdoor atmosphere. In interiors that are more upscale, the look tends to be more polished with the use of clever solutions for small spaces such as open floor plans which allow for rooms that are multi-functional, sophisticated finishes and bespoke finishes. This is in reference to the central function of urban interiors which would be the creation of space which sometimes can be done in some surprising ways. Spaces intended for both work and living have become the norm in industrial and inner-city areas more commonly referred to as studio apartments. Warehouses that have been renovated may feature an upper loft to serve the purpose of a living space and a concrete floor for production or even artwork that is large scale. Industrial buildings which have been converted into mixed-use buildings, upscale condominiums and high-rise apartments are other modernizations to living spaces that are urban. As opposed to fighting the industrial features that exist within such spaces urban interior design embraces them instead.

This look can also be achieved with the use of original artwork. the use of artwork is one of the ways you can use to get the urban design feel given that at times it gives off a cosmopolitan vibe. The expense should not scare you. Some of the best places to get artwork are starving artist sales which are where college students put their work up for sale and they are quite ideal if you are looking to acquire one-of-a-kind art pieces at very good prices.

Urban décor style is quite modern and gives off a look that is more comfortable and softer as compared to other industrial styles which are considered to be a lot harder given their association with the word ‘urban’. If you are looking for some form of interior design that is ideal for living in, Modern ‘urban’ décor is what you should consider; your home should be able to welcome you in following a long day, nurture you and provide you with the protection from the chaos of the outside world. The concept of a converted industrial loft best covers up the element of urban industrial interior design. For a cool and laid-back feel the massive steel windows, rugged wood floors and original brick walls have proven to be effective while plenty of natural light in conjunction with open floor plans give and airy and open feeling to such spaces. You could try to work with tonal contrasts and textures while layering up using similar neutral colors in order to give your home a calm feeling. Only rarely will these accents consist of bright color splashes. You can also maintain this look in quite a relaxing manner by using accents of nature like orange and some of the deeper hues of brown for featured walls. You may find that the warm colors will help you feel cozier and more at home.

The urban interior design style may be an excellent style for people who have a small space to work with. An open space can be created in your house and then used altogether to make up one wide space with several functions. For an industrial area, this style might be traditional even for a studio apartment and the good thing is a wide space is not needed to incorporate this style into your home. Another essential feature of urban style is lighting which is imperative in the creation of a more relaxed ambience with a touch of natural looks in your interior. For areas of the home that you want to feel homier, you could keep the lighting less bright. Examples of such areas include the family room, the dining room, your reading room, the bedroom among others.

There are quite a number of simple ideas that one can draw from in order to create an urban style. First and foremost, you could keep a wall or two unpainted. Do not cover the wall with cement or paint it and instead let the bricks show. An unfinished wall is one of the primary characteristics of the urban style. The combination of a colorful rug with an unfinished wall will likely do the trick in achieving that urban feel in your home. If you also want to create the urban look wild color such as the pixels on a computer would be really good to put. If you combine a wide glass window with the open space that you already have it would be an added advantage for you. The natural light coming into your space from the wide glass window will also do you much good in making your space appear wider than it did before. Urban style typically aims to show wider space.

With over 20 years of urban planning and interior design experience, I can’t help but be intrigued by this style. Commercial design applications are becoming more evident with this style including coworking facilities, condominiums and adaptive reuse of buildings for general office applications.

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