Rather than think of the bathroom as a place to clean your body, create a health spa which will include a variety of relaxation aids such as sound, color, light, air and moisture loving plants.  Even if you are decorating a small bathroom, there are many things we can do to make the most of your space.

  • Make a place for a candlestick or candles permanently in the bathroom.
Check out Anna Sova's Beeswax Pillar Candles. Perfect for that spa bath retreat! Photo Courtesy of Anna Sova
  • Use soft lighting, especially bulbs with a yellow or pinkish tint.
  • Keep moisture-loving plants in the room.
  • Locate power outlets nearby the bathroom so you can play relaxing music.
  • Have a chair or stool in your bathroom so you can enjoy a manicure or pedicure.
  • Get as much natural light and air into the room as possible keeping a healthy atmosphere in the bathroom.
Try these Anna Sova 100% Organic Cotton Fingertip Towels available through AnnaSova.com. Photo Courtesy of Anna Sova
  • Use organic cotton bath mat, flannel and towels.
  • Use potpourri or a Feng Shui Spray as a room deodorizer.
Anna Sova Soap Salts perfect for that spa bath. Available at AnnaSova.com. Photo courtesy of Anna Sova
  • Make a natural display of shells, soaps or bottles in the bathroom
  • Use towels of appropriate colors to either warm or relax you.

Make a list of items required to enhance your existing bathroom to make it a more relaxing and meditative space.  Price your items from various retailers and add up the total cost.

In redesigning your bathroom altogether, pay attention to tiles, showerheads, flooring, walls and lighting.  Include whenever possible eco-friendly materials in your overall design.

Enjoy your spa retreat- you deserve it!

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