Photo Courtesy of Pinterest/HGTV
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest/HGTV

Unlike what most people think, introducing a Zen sensibility to your space is quite easy. Zen interiors mean living a simple lifestyle and design aesthetics that lend a calming effect to your home. It does not require extensive remodeling of your home, a few changes can create a huge impact. Imagine bringing the serenity of your yoga class home!
Here are four quick and easy ways to Zen your space:
1. Live a clutter free life –

The first and probably the most important rule of Zen decorating is getting rid of clutter. The Japanese art of home decoration believes that clutter creates chaos and will not let your mind be at ease. Clear everything that disturbs your line of sight. Find décor pieces on your mantel and pictures on the walls a new home. Open spaces enhance the free flow of Chi-energy and it will instantly have a positive effect. You will quickly realize the importance of a clutter free home

2. Spare the bright colors –

Zen decorating emphasizes on the use of earthy tones. Your Zen home should be like a retreat where you can relax and feel at ease. Bright colors disturb the balance. Look for invigorating and fresh earthy tones like greens, browns and blues. These are subtle and soft thus making your home feel close to nature. Painting is the easiest and a cheap solution to bringing in a Zen effect.

3. Use Natural materials for décor –

Zen decorating does not mean having a sparsely decorated, boring home. In fact decorating with details is an interesting aspect of Zen principles. Use the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, metal and wood in your décor. Bring in potted house plants that will add vibrancy and cheerfulness to your space. Consider a mix of metal and wood for furniture which is modern yet clean and simple. Decorate your bare walls with serene paintings and pictures. Limit your décor to one painting per room. Use objects found in nature like rocks, shells and twigs to creatively decorate your space. You can fill a glass bowl with shells for display on the mantel.

4. Organization and storage –

Organization is another important aspect of Zen design. An organized home will help you keep calm and at feel peace. Take time to organize your closets, the kids’ room, drawers, refrigerator and the pantry. These are some places where clutter tends to build up quicker than you can think. Make use of storage bins and boxes, label them neatly and create a place in the house for them. When everything is neatly stacked and labeled, it will free your mind from small issues like finding birthday candles at the nick of time and will give you the opportunity to be at ease.

In this video below, I share some additional thoughts on how to decorate a night table the zen way:

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