The interior environment where you spend most of your time as you work, relax or sleep matters. A room that is not well arranged or has a dull appearance will make you feel angry, stressed or even anxious for no apparent reason once you step into it.  The color of the walls, the flooring, and the furniture affects our mood once you enter a room. How you arrange your furniture, your decorating styles have psychological effects on your subconsciousness and also your perceptions and emotions.


Interior design is much more than the sense of style, but it also involves how you employ symmetry and balance into your home. Most people who have large spaces will feel that they need to fill it with various furniture and pieces of art. However, a crowded environment can make a space seem so busy, and it will make the mind busy too. This has an impact on your psyche in the long run.

Rearranging your furniture in a symmetric fashion can have a positive change in your interior environment and also change the atmosphere.  How you arrange a room depends on the particular purpose of the room and who is going to use the room.

Some of the ideas that you can use to rearrange furniture include:

  • Don’t place all the furniture next to the wall as it will create negative energy and dead space. Arrange your furniture asymmetrically but balanced so that energy can flow into the room and also give depth and more visual interest in the room. This will make it easier for people to be able to navigate through the furniture and the room.
  • Choose to balance your furniture with decor that has a broad range of vintage decor and textures.
  • Arrange your furniture for comfort and convenience.
  • For a more independent and strong look, choose to incorporate different shapes such as oval, circular and different material such as brass, iron, gold and copper in your furniture.
  • To create a relaxed, healthy emotional interacting environment between people, have furniture that illuminates natural light longer such as cones, pyramids, feathers silk or wool.
  • For more order and sensuality get furniture that is made of ceramic, ceramic, tiles and squares.
  • For a spiritual, harmonious and relaxed environment, arrange your furniture in a circular fashion to create conversation areas.
  • For creativity, flexibility and intuition have furniture made of wood and integrate it with floral upholstery, a wall hanging, pillars, and columns.
  • If you would want to make your space look a bit bigger, get furniture that is scaled to size and is slimmer and place a large mirror on the back wall and use wall hangings to create depth.

It is important not to overdo while arranging your furniture, but ensure that you have balance. Rearrange your furniture from time to time so as to bring a new look and a positive change in mood.

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