Ah, this August and the fall season will be fastly approaching  leaves … And if you are anything like me, it’s time to redecorate the house to reflect the cool, relaxing, more mellow time of the year. Every season of every year, the industry experts declare the coming season’s color trends. These trends can be easy incorporated into your décor. 

 As you may already know, colors alter our mood. So when you think about autumn, what are some words that come to mind? Did warmth, cozy, togetherness, or comfort come to mind? So when we surround ourselves with colors that promote certain emotions, we act accordingly.

As we prepare to redecorate our houses according to the season, we want to choose colors that are characteristic with how we desire to feel during that season, which in this case, happens to be autumn.

Pantone, the leading color authority in the United States, announced the nine palettes for 2012 which are: Nonchalance, Subtleties, Resilience, Indigo Effects, Transcending Time, Back to the Fuchsia, Reflections, Nouveau Neon and The Comics.  Of these, I noted two, Resilience and Reflections to be the best fall interior color palettes to consider for your home this fall.

Pantone's Resilence Palette. Courtesy of Pantone.

Resilience represents a group of sturdy hues that work very well together. It speaks of hand-hewn objects of substance, sustenance and solidity in a range of natural, outdoor shades. There are nuances of the deepest browns, varietal mushroom tones, foliage green and greenish yellow. A dash of flamingo orange adds an exotic touch to this otherwise organic grouping.

The color mood provided by Resilience can create a calming sophisticated interior.

Glossy finish and color are a magical coupling, fascinating the eye and riveting attention. Metallic or glassy surfaces undulate and move and twist and turn, taking colors to new dimensions. Included in this arresting palette, called Reflections, are tones and tints that spark the imagination: Turkish sea, blue moon, garnet, beluga, cloud dancer as well as the classic silver and gold.   

Patone's Reflection Palette. Courtesy of Pantone
This modern sofa with a colorful cushion promotes the color mood of reflection in this home interior.

This year’s trend will have you seeking balance, dreaming of an escape, and valuing your unique culture and ethnicity. So tell me, how will you be spending your fall?

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