I just returned from a wonderful trip to Kauai, Hawaii.  Took a mini-vacation away to get inspired to continue writing my new book Feel Good Spaces.  While there I was so inspired by many of the many elements of nature as well as the built environment while I was there.  I cannot wait to create some of these inspirations in parts of my own home!

One of the things I encourage in decorating a feel good space is to think about your favorite vacation spot and be inspired by the colors, textures, and elements found in that experience.  For me, Kauai was so filled with so many inspirations for a feel good space, I could not ever show them all on this blog.

However, I hope you will be inspired by some of these finds while I was there to consider recreating the feeling in your home or office.

Outside my villa in Kauai, Hawaii
View outside the St. Regis Resort in Kauai, Hawaii


Lobby in the St. Regis Resort Hotel in Kauai, Hawaii


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