Thinking of adding a touch of chic and color to a space, well one should start with a nice sectional sofa range.  The Morini Style from Bo Concept offers a wide range of distinctive styles and comfort. With the ability to customize your own sofa to suit your own flair you are on the right track to creating your own contemporary space.

To add some style to that living room tries mix matching the furniture to give it a touch of your own personal flair. Try adding chairs like the Masonicus Chair and Armour Armless Club Chair from InMod .

These chairs paired up with the Mori sofa would give a space a little bit of elegance and edge to a living room.  Now no living room is complete without a coffee table or area rug so you should try some clear accents to compliment the colors and prints you have in the living space, such as the Discovery coffee table. The tempered glass uniquely shaped table will bring some more elegance to a space.

As for the area rug, InMod has a nice Celecot Area Rug. The shaggy white rug will complete the effect trying to be achieved in the space.

The softness and plush feel offered from the rug contributes to the texture and contemporary luxurious look.  Also, if you would like to make all your colorful pieces and prints pop a little more in the space, try a neutral color such as a light grey for the choice of wall color. Not only should you try a neutral color but paint only one wall to create a nice dramatic effect in the space you love.

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