When we talk about making a home a romantic retreat or “feel good space,” there is no exact definition. To add glamour to your house, you can decide to decorate your wall with shimmering patterns. You can as well select passionate reds with great depth to create an aura of seduction, or opt for cool hue to create a relaxing, feminine feel. Without doubt, an enchanting home is one whose atmosphere is not only inviting but also promote intimacy.

For you to have a sensual mood set up in your adoring love nest, giving your home a total romantic makeover is the way to go. You might as well spice your home with some well-placed accessories. Nonetheless, to relieve you off some stress, this article presents some cool and wonderful tips to help you along the way.

Use the right colors
Color greatly impacts our physiology and psychology and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you want a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, it is recommended you select warm, rich earth tones such as copper, cream, coral, terra cotta, tan, cocoa and peach. Soft colors such as green, lavenders and blues provides the home a tranquil and quiet vibe, and brings healing energy. Oranges and bright reds are more stimulating and are related to yang – the masculine side of the yin and yang energy equation.


A romantic bedroom decor created by yours truly.

For you to increase the romance in your home, opt for the color pink and red. They both are colors of romance and using them immensely improves the romance in any relationship. When applying these colors, use them as accents around your home – for instance, on your bed, in the form of pillows, sheets, throws etc. Peradventure you don’t love red and pink, you can use variations such as eggplant, pomegranate, burgundy and magenta.

Stimulate the nose with romantic smell
You can use fragrance-scented candles in place of a romantic fireplace. However, when doing this, you should select a scent that falls in line with your style. Think about the scent that brings back those memories of vaca! You can as well use an essential-oil diffuser in place of fragrant candles (lavender stimulates relaxation while rose, jasmine and geranium scents are associated with love).

Other tips you can also consider include using linens – especially smooth silk and Egyptian cotton; playing nature or relaxing sounds; serving yourself a nice glass of wine or bowl of strawberries dipped in chocolate while in bed. All these offer your chi, as well as your state of mind a whole world of good.



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