A room that has been decorated with well-thought decor will inspire you to stay in it a bit longer as you enjoy the serenity in it. Decorating with intention involves decorating bringing out the intended purpose of that space to transform it into a warm, authentic space. It involves knowing how to be creative and know how to mix colors, fabrics, and decor to complement the lifestyle and believes that you want. No matter what size the space is or even how your budget is, you can decorate with intention and bring out the best at the end.

There are some ideas that you should consider if you are planning to decorate with intention and these are:

  • Know Your Vision– depending on the purpose of the space it is good to know what is it that you want to achieve for your space, how it should look and if it will meet your needs. You will also consider what you would want to incorporate into the room and if there are any significant changes that you need to make.
  • Get Inspiration– you can go through magazines, websites, blogs or even catalogs so that you can be inspired by the kind of decor that you would love. Keep the photos in a reserve so that you can go back and access them when you want to start decorating and also when making a decision on the type of decor you want. Note down any color or unique item that you love or would wish to be in your space. The importance of writing down is because you will also need that list when you are shopping for what you want.
  • Making Decisions– at times you may a large collection of ideas to choose from. It would be best to choose the best depending on the theme of the space and also the colors and accessories that will blend well with the space. At times you can choose one type of color or even decide to mix and match them to give you a unique personal look.  If you have collected any accessories to be used in the space, make sure that they fit perfectly as per your vision. You can choose a modern and a classic theme or even vintage depending on the likes. Don’t be afraid of trying something new or even more than one color and be creative in all areas.
  • Decorate With Purpose– you may want to use a lot of decor in your space but try and restrict yourself by only getting items that will bring purpose. You can have items that can be used as alternative ways and only get what reflects your theme. Some of your old items can be used to redecorate if they are polished to fit with the current décor. It doesn’t have to be expensive to create your intention. Whatever your design style is, choose authentic, purposeful items and decorate with them to bring out your intention.

Intentional decor is the art of decorating with a specific purpose in mind.  Know what it is that you are trying to achieve in your space.  Then move forward.  Inspired action is always the best.




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