Critique Boutique at the beautiful National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland asked us to come up with a glamorous redesign of their existing dressing rooms.   Critique Boutique is a high end woman’s fashion store catering to a distinctive clientele.  The clothes are all designer made and unique.

The owner, Toni Foster, felt that the dressing rooms should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to her high end clientele.  In addition she wanted the dressing rooms to have a face-lift to reflect the high end fashion aesthetic of the rest of her store.


Before: The Critique Boutique needed a dressing room make over to create a high end pleasing dressing experience.


After: Critique Boutique Dressing Room Make Over

We took cues from the surrounding color palette of the store which was predominantly yellow and green.  The fabric selected reflected rhythm and pattern.


Before: This bench in one of the dressing rooms needed to be dressed!
After: A well dressed bench in this dressing room takes the fitting experience to another level.

We took the benches in the dressing room, placed cushions and upholstered them with a skirt.  To save money and time we created the draperies to be rod pockets, lined them and then used her existing rods to create them.

The result is fantastic.  Toni gets compliments every time her customers use her fitting rooms!  Stay tuned for our wine and design event at Critique Boutique on May 15th.

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