This holiday season I thought I would share some of my favorite gift ideas for creating feel good spaces.  In case you did not know, feel good spaces help you reprogram you energy, transform your life and serve as a catalyst to recreating yourself.  These are principles based on my first book Feel Good Spaces:  Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit (2012).

These gift selections were chosen in the spirit of helping you and or your loved ones create special spaces for stress relief, happiness and joy!

New Book:  Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots by Sherry Burton Ways.  Available through Freisen Press.

This my second solo book is a great gift for someone who is undergoing transition and transformation in their lives.  Or someone who just needs a little inspiration in their life and wants to create ritual out of seemingly mundane home tasks. 

Often it is when we least expect it that life throws us a curve ball, and though we might swing at it, that doesn’t mean we’ll always connect. Plans fall apart. Things we thought we knew turn out to be illusory. There is a sense of dislocation when this happens – sometimes it is fleeting, and we can shake it off, but other times it is profound. And unfortunately, the dislocation that comes from an unexpected life-altering shift is often literal as well as metaphorical. We find ourselves living in a new space and scrambling to make sense of how we arrived there. Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots:21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space provides simple actionable strategies for adjusting to life after a transition of any kind.

Healing Stone Mugs Available Through Uncommon Goods

New Hampshire Artisan potter Donna Rollins created this coffee/tea mug line that is made with natural minerals and healing stones.  These hand thrown, non-toxic,  glazed ceramic mugs are designed to uplift your emotional state as you sip your coffee and/or tea.  I plan on purchasing one for my own happiness enlistment. Included in your mug purchase is a card that explains the healing properties of the stone used for the design.  According to their mug brand:
Blue Mug: Clear Quartz, a popular healing crystal, is considered to be the master healer, aiding many areas of the body.
Red Mug: Tiger’s Eye/Cat’s Eye aids in focusing the mind and is used in meditation.
Purple Mug: Rose Quartz, the important crystal for the heart chakra and is the unconditional love stone.
Dark Brown Mug: Citrine, the stone of regenerating, raises self-confidence and is also known as the financial prosperity stone.

DoTerra Holiday Blend Essential Oil.  Available through DoTerra

Fill your home with the inviting scent of Holiday Joy essential oil blend. The warm, sweet aroma of Holiday Joy creates a welcoming environment for holiday gatherings and can be diffused every day to purify the air and uplift the spirit. This proprietary blend combines Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove with the fresh and airy scent of Siberian and Douglas Fir, creating an essential oil blend that’s a dōTERRA Christmas tradition. Diffusing Holiday Joy throughout your home will uplift the soul and warm the spirit as it fills each room with the joyful scent of Christmas.


Stitched Felt Place Mats, Set of 4 available through Coyuchi

To create these place mats, artisans in Nepal felt and stitch pure, undyed New Zealand wool by hand, creating a soft, dense fabric that varies in thickness here and there. This hand-crafted quality, combined with natural color variations in the wool, makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Blanket stitching finishes the ends.

Wool is felted and stitched in Nepal from New Zealand wool.

Flannel Sheet Set

Organic Flannel Sheet Sets – 100% Organic Cotton available through Boll and Branch

There’s nothing quite like slipping into bed and sinking into the softest, most gentle set of organic flannel sheets when the weather is cold outside.

Recycled Glass and Reclaimed Wood Hooks Available Through Viva Terra

A unique take on storage hooks, these wood and glass wall-mounting hooks are as beautiful as they are fictional. Each is handmade using earth-friendly recycled glass and reclaimed wood, which gives them character in addition to their eco-friendly quality. The wooden bars or blocks mount to the wall easily and the organically-shaped round glass knobs are ready to hold towels, hats, and more.

  • These elegant hooks are eco-friendly and artisan-made.
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Crafted using recycled materials
  • Available with 1-4 hooks

So these are my holiday season picks for creating Feel Good Spaces.  These are great gifts for your friends, family or even yourself.  Always go for authentically made home accessories and resources to help you create a truly transformational space.

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