Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

If energy cannot move through its environment at a steady pace, it’s said to be out of balance. This happens when closets are so cluttered that they trap energy in one place. Another problem is when there are long hallways or staircases in the home where the energy is allowed to move too quickly. With Feng Shui, you can improve the balance of energy in your home by making some adjustments to problem areas. Feng Shui ensures that the chi can move at just the right pace.


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The History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that began thousands of years ago. People used this method to locate the best places to farm and set up their houses. Specifically, they wanted a home where they and their families would enjoy prosperous lives and tombs that would be suitable for their deceased loved ones. As society became more modern, Feng Shui was used to find the most appropriate places to construct government buildings, palaces and public monuments.

What Feng Shui Accomplishes

The ancient Chinese people believed that a life force exists within the environment and the body, and this life force or energy is called “chi.” Feng Shui arranges the decor so that the chi can flow naturally throughout the home. When the energy is balanced, everyone inside the house can experience feelings of well-being, and your health, relationships and even your finances can improve.

How to Feng Shui Your Home


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The first thing to do is inspect the outside of your home. The chi needs to be able to flow freely to your front door. Is there a large tree or several trash cans blocking the energy? If so, these need to be removed. The door may also prevent positive energy from flowing. You can try painting it, but you may need to replace it.

The main entry was not created just to welcome people. The life force must also feel welcome to penetrate the entire home. Your house may be directing the chi to come into the home and move through the back door. It may be guided toward a nearby bathroom. If either is the case, make sure that you re-arrange the decor so that the energy can travel toward the kitchen, the bedrooms and the other bathrooms.

After you create a positive Feng Shui environment in your home, it will require maintenance because the energy can become unbalanced again. Ensure that this doesn’t happen by periodically examining separate areas in your home. If you notice that a particular location always seems to be cluttered, make a point of cleaning it at least once a week so that the chi does not become stagnant. Areas that are most prone to developing clutter are the attic, the closets, the garage and the basement.

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