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On the Oprah’s OWN Network I happened to see a repeat episode of Oprah Winfrey interviewing the legendary Women’s Rights Activist and founder of MS Magazine, Gloria Steinem. They toured Steinmen’s walk up New York City Apartment as part of Oprah’s interview in her The Next Chapter series.

As I was watching this episode on Sunday evening, I was immediately taken by Steinem’s use of personal photos and mementos which decorated her abode.    She calls it her “nest”.   The place is so significant that It was the place that launched the timeless MS. Magazine in the 1970’s.  Her personal artwork, furnishings and colors made me feel good about the importance of educating people through my book Feel Good Spaces on the how important to surround yourself with the things you love.  Check out the video:

Gloria Steinem’s Apartment

To me Gloria’s space is wonderful; it’s a feel good space.  It is not an Architectural Digest designed home; but a comfortable one.  A feel good space to her and to Oprah.  I think we can learn from this when we create our own feel good spaces!




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