Sherry Burton Ways, Principal Designer of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC was recently inducted as the newest member into the Board of Peace x Peace.  The mission of Peace x Peace,  a Washington, DC based, non –profit organization, is to advocate for effective ,sustained policies and programs that support the advancement of women. The organization “Acts as the connection point, which facilitates dialogue and exchange between women in the Arab and Muslim countries and the Western world. It helps reduce misunderstandings and stereotypes”.  Created in 2002 by Patricia Smith Melton and six other woman rights advocates, Peace x Peace was established to help bring harmony to women internationally through social networking and other forms of media.

With the boards new appointing, Ways will contribute her leadership expertise, help generate new fundraising activities, and use her marketing acumen to bring increased awareness and donations to the organization.   Ways interest in international affairs was generated through her
experience working under President Bill Clinton’s women and girls focused Africa education initiative.

Ways’ Company Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC, a Washington, DC based interior design services company,  encompasses the concept of creating the proper atmosphere of peace in interior spaces that is most conducive to its client’s lifestyle through interior environment coaching and the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

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