I am personally at the stage of my life where I am looking, seeking and studying what happiness is for myself.  As I am nearing the golden age of 50, I am beginning to reevaluate what happiness is for me.

Now I am finally pausing, after several years of running hard, moving from place to place, overcoming traumatic experiences and removing toxic people from my life.  When you finally come to your own terms, not someone else’s, you are ready to begin to take time and work on yourself.  In a more rational state of mind, you are able to take an unfiltered look at the life possibilities and be in gratitude for what you have and what you have come through.

So, how can I define happiness in my life and living environment? Is it living a specific kind of lifestyle?  Is it having a gorgeous home for people to visit and gawk at it?  Is it living in a particular neighborhood?

Like anything else, I study.  I love to study what others are saying about the subject of happiness and how they applied it in their lives.  One book I have been reading lately is called Operation Happiness by Kristi Ling.  Like anything else, I have been more than reading it- I have been studying it.  I took out my journal this weekend after several years, to begin to write down notes to clarify and reiterate various points made in her book.

Thinking in terms of happiness as a state of activity is powerful, Ling argues in her book. Happiness is created through action: Emotionally & Physically.  The second action, physical involves “doing things, even the smallest things, that consistently renew and refuel our happiness and well-being,” writes Kristi.

So in this spirit how can we fuel happiness in our homes?  After pondering the question, I began to create a list.  Here are my five tips for a Happy Space:

  1. Wake up in your bed and say how grateful you are that it provides a mechanism for the rest you need.
  2. Talk to your home each and every day saying how thankful you are that it provides you with a covered space for living, eating and breathing.
  3. Treat your space with care by keeping it decluttered and organized.
  4. Let light in to create brightness and joy.
  5. Surround yourself with items in your home that bring you love and happiness upon every gaze.

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