Our surroundings have a strong result on what we tend to attract into our lives. Our surroundings have a strong result on what we tend to attract into our lives. Once the energy around us is blocked or unbalanced, our prosperity, health, and relationships are often adversely affected.

Based on this, I have discovered through the years that there are eight feel good space secrets to living abundantly:

  1. Clean your Windows. Windows are the eyes of your home; dirty windows cloud vision.
  2. Replace any broken chairs. If you sit on a broken, stained, or torn table chair it represents the disregard for your work.
  3. Tighten loose door knobs and handles. If your handles are lose you can’t get an edge on your money.
  4. Display your valuable objects during this area to symbolize wealth, like crystal, valuable collections, fine art.
  5. Add healthy plants in lovely pots to symbolize flourishing wealth. For your outside front entrance consider,  growing red or purple flowers in red ceramic planters throughout the season, since plants and flowers represent abundance.
  6. Clean you’re outside front door. The front door is wherever all positive energy enters your home; a clean door attracts prosperity whereas a filthy door repels it.
  7. Food is related to wealth in a rule; thus, show a bowl of oranges or apples on the counter to symbolize prosperity

Feng shui enhancements unblock the flow of positive energy, take away negative influences, and permit you to draw in the prosperity and abundance you merit.  Is your space in need of abundance contact me at http://www.sherryburtonways.com for more information on how I can assist you.



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