On a daily basis you make color selections, some being of more value than many others. The traffic light colors tell you to go or stop. You might subconsciously select red if we’re tired. Want some nurturing? Maybe green will be your next stop.
Feng Shui gives a means of organizing your living space so that you can bring about balance. Additionally, Feng Shui says that the more dynamic and lively the colors you select in your house, the greater the flow of energy.

Feng Shui is founded on the idea that life is established on the following five components:
• Earth – brown yellow orange – bringing about unity and wholeness
• Metal – Gold white silver – bringing about leadership and associated with children
• Water –blue black purple – which is associated with profession, knowledge, and power
• Wood – Green – associated with life, family, and good health
• Fire – red – associated with passion, money, and wealth

All these components are related with specific colors and specific qualities of our existence; improving these colors will bring those qualities into our life.
Nonetheless, we will explore the various ways colors can bring self-esteem by applying them in the holistic design of your home.

Red and Feng Shui

The long wavelength of red can go a long way to improve the flow of chi. It is capable of energizing the home but it will be a good idea to go for touches of pink or red terracotta instead of making your home full of unrelenting energy.

Green and Feng Shui
Green is found at the middle of the color spectrum green. It is harmonious and balancing. However, being linked with wood component makes it a symbolism of development, health and energy. Green is an excellent option for living rooms or bedrooms where you need to be nurtured and soothed. It likewise supports prosperity and good fortune.

Yellow and Feng Shui
Light glowing and vivid yellow is endowed with fresh positive energy. It is related with the earth component and brings wholeness and a sense of unity. It is however suggested that you use in it your house in order to balance the mind and enhance your well-being. It’s a good idea to select items from a natural material like pottery. It is likewise a nice option for a kitchen or living room.

Blue and Feng Shui
Blue is related to the element of water. In Feng Shui, blue signifies your path in life as well as your internal tranquility. In case you are feeling uneasy, blue may be extremely calming just like a lake or tranquil sea.

Purple and Feng Shui
The Feng Shui of purple depends mainly on if blue or reddish dominates the shade you choose. Reddish colors like purple are fiery and powerful and passionate. Light hues of mauve and lavender are too mild to affect a room’s energy to any substantial level but can nonetheless improve spirituality.

Black and white and Feng Shui
Black in Feng Shui is related to the water element nevertheless it should be properly used to prevent being oppressive and overpowering. It may nevertheless be an excellent supply of inspiration. It needs to be utilized in forms that are wavy to reinforce the association with the water element. White is related with the metal element and brings with it imagination and leadership.

Neutrals and Feng Shui
Browns and cream beige taupe are related to the earth element. They have this grounding effect on any space making it feel safe and symbolize unity and wholeness. Use natural materials, bamboo, wood, coir, cotton to aid energy flow.


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