Summer is coming around the corner.  School is out and outdoor living is going into its highest season.  Now is the time to start building or enhancing our outdoor living space for joy and relaxation.

Building a Feel Good outdoor space is one of the easiest ways to create a space where you can enjoy the changing seasons and moods of the day.  Decide how you want to use your outdoor space.  Is it a space where you want to sit and read quietly?  Do you want to create a place for children to play or an entertainment area for family and friends?

Considering the location is important too!  You don’t want to create a space where it is exposed to extreme elements or a place where there is little access or exposure to the sun.  The secret is to locate your space where you and your friends naturally gather.  Even if you use your outdoor space during the warm weather months, a natural feature such as pond, lake, or other ornamental features such as few beautiful pottery placed carefully can provide an inspiring feature during the cold wintry days.


The size of your space is very important and should be in scale with the size of your home.  Integration is the key, and an outdoor space next to the home should extend the rhythm and feeling of the inside of your home.

How can you create or mimic the Feel Good interior of your home outside?  Try using the similar plant containers that you are currently using on the inside of your home.  Another idea is to use consistent colors of your flooring used in your house with an outdoor flooring material.

Use evergreens to screen unpleasant views and provide privacy.  I think attractive walls and trellises are also great decorative enhancers as well.   Also the water element using a pond or fountain is always a welcome attraction.

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