Aromas are part of my design program and my philosophy to create a home or office environment that is both comforting and mood enhancing.

Using essential oils is another way to bring wellness in the home or office.  We can use them to nourish positive vibrations in any interior.  Different essential oils create different types of energy.  Depending on what type of vibrations you feel you need, you can burn one or a mixture of oils which can send out the mood vibration that you are seeking.

Essential oils create a pleasant atmosphere when used as a room fragrance.  At the same time specific oils will have an effect on your mood, creating a good environment for work, relaxation, inspiration, meditation, romance or sleep.  Some oils will help to fumigate the air in cases of disease or illness.

There are several  ways to use oils for a room fragrance.  Add a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of dried flowers or potpourri.  You can also drop a few drops onto padded clothes hangers and drawer liners.

Simply Feng Shui sprays combine the energy of a particular area or attribute with high-quality essential oils, specifically selected for their resonance with that attribute.

These sprays are offered through my website and I will be attending special events throughout the year so that you can personally smell and experience these sprays yourself.

Essential oils are made from the very essence of the plant, and not just plant material.  This life-force element is the reason why real plant essences oils rather than artificially made one’s, have beneficial effects on our moods.

Consider essential oils as part of your healthy design plan for the home or office.


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