One great thing about eco-friendly wallpaper is that it also doesn’t contain VOCs or mold-harboring chemicals. Vinyl-free wall coverings eliminate the risks of air bubbles and it doesn’t contribute to the spread of mildew. These wallpapers are made of natural fibers and come pre-pasted. They are stronger and easy to install and remove. The patterns are endless.

You have different types of wallpaper made from a variety of organic materials, such as natural grass (bamboo, arrowroot, jute, seagrass, sisal, and hemp). Then you have you variety of wallpaper (sustainable, glass fiber, barkskin, silk screen cotton, and chlorine-free).

Trend Group, an Italy-based company, with a assembling and distribution branch office in Los Angeles and a commercial site in Miramar, Florida, takes wall coverings to another level. They transform post-consumer glass waste into beautiful and stylish wall coverings. If you are searching for an extraordinarily unique way to “dress” a wall, then look no further.


Trend has four design categories, with each category consisting of sixteen designs. Academic—consists of very contemporary designs that are inspired by academic symbols and collegiate uniforms. Euphoric—a collection that is all about the vibrancy of color and shape. Natural—designs which are meant to stimulate the senses and illuminate the elements of nature. And Classic—based on images from the past, updated and touched by the shimmer of gold.

If you are interested more in Trend Group’s designs, you can visit their website at

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