When you set an intention to create a feel good space, I find that it is often helpful to create a vision board for that space.  Find a comfortable quiet area where you will not be disturbed.  Make sure you have plenty of room in which you can spread out.

Compile the following:

Travel and Leisure Magazines

Home Design Magazines

Blog articles on line with photos

Personal Photographs

Favorite Words

Poster Board any size



Magic Markers

Title your Feel Good Space board “(Your Name) Feel Good Space.” Place this at the top of your board.

Look for words in books, magazines, or online that describe how you would like the space to feel. Cut those out and place them aside. Go through your magazines. Cut out photos you like or that feel good to you.  It could be a room, a color, nature etc.  Do the same with your personal photographs.  Begin to create a collage of words, pictures, and colors that resonate with you.

A Feel Good Spaces Vision Board created by one of my clients'.Once you have completed it, you will have your Feel Good Space Vision Board.  Use this vision board as a spring board to your decorating concept for your Feel Good Space.


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