Recently while hanging out with friends in the Philadelphia area, I noticed in their kitchen framed vintage advertising campaigns from the early 1900’s.  I thought about how such a cool idea this is to reuse something old that you can possibly find in an antique store.

My friend mentioned that a friend of the family used to work for an advertising agency and gave them the old ads.  She simply framed them and used them as  a kitchen decor piece.  Cool idea!

Vintage advertisements make decorative conversation pieces in any area of the home.  However, I find them most interesting to decorate in the kitchen.  I have found a few myself that I have decorated in my kitchen showing old minstrel like charachures of African Americans at the turn of the previous century.  While I do not find them offensive, I found them interesting conversation pieces for visitors who come for a dinner party I am hosting.  The accents they provide and the colors are unmistakable.

Consider creating a vintage decor for your kitchen.  This is an interesting environmentally-friendly accessory you can find any vintage or antique shop.

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