Washington, DC- With the economy still down and the real estate market still slow, more and more people are staying home and those who might once have considered selling up and moving on to get the home they wanted are turning instead to trying to create the home they want.  A Feng Shui consultation can alert you to simple adjustments that will bring your home into better harmony with your own energy so it supports the homeowner instead of being “at war” with them.  At the same time Feng Shui can eliminate negative energies, it can help stimulate positive energies, creating a dramatic change in the way you experience your home — and life! Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice that uses the laws of heaven and earth to help improve a person’s life by bringing in positive vibes.

Although there are a great many feng shui resources, articles, bogs and even television shows out there to guide people in those efforts it is still very hard to translate them to the space you actually have. To help homeowners create their own positive energy filled home  without hiring a feng shui practitioner, top DC/MD/VA Home and Design Magazine Top 100 regional designer and Feng Shui expert Sherry Burton Ways is offering a seven week course entitled “ Creating A Loving Home with Feng Shui” at the University of the District of Columbia’s Community College starting October 17th.

The District of Columbia’s Community College will offer this seven -session course on Feng Shui in their Continuing Education Division. Classes will meet on Mondays with an evening class beginning on October 17th from 7:00 pm –9:00 p.m. at the DC Community College, 801 N. Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC in room 116 . Cost for the course is $200.00.  Members of Think First DC or DC Live Green will be charged $180.00.  This is an introductory course, not designed for Feng Shui certification, where students will earn 1.6 CEU’s.

Literally translated as windwater, Feng Shui is fast becoming the mantra of the day. One of the major objectives of Feng Shui is to strike a balance in one’s life, eliminating chaos and leading to calmness of mind. “People nowadays have become conscious about Feng Shui and about bringing positive energy into their lives,” says Sherry Burton Ways, a Feng Shui expert and Principal of the DC Based décor firm, Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC.

To sign up for this course, or for more information, contact Amanda Olivares at 202-274-7183 or aolivares@udc.edu or visit DC Community College Continuing Education Division.

About Sherry Burton Ways

Sherry Burton Ways has practiced and taught feng shui in Washington, DC and Baltimore since 2004.  A recognized feng shui and design expert, she has been featured on television programs and in print media throughout the DC metropolitan area.  She received her training through an apprenticeship program with Baltimore based Feng Shui Master, Hope Karan Gerecht, and Larry Sang’s American Feng Shui Institute in California.  In addition, she has had additional training in Feng Shui and Redesign through the School of Graceful Lifestyles in Orlando, Florida and Chi-ology Feng Shui Real Estate Staging through Inner Harmony in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Sherry also is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and sits on their national Green Living and Design Committee.  

Ways is also a Certified Interior Environment Coach through the DeGangi Group in Texas.  She is also a founding member of the National Advisory Committee of the Certified Interior Environment Coaching Certification Program.  Through her unique and one of a kind practice Sherry is the only Certified Interior Environmental Coaching service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. This service involves coaching clients through achieving personal and professional goals, and then developing a proper environmental aesthetic most fulfilling to their lifestyle. This particular style of coaching occurs prior to seeking a design professional or performing a space-lift. 

She is currently working on her first book, Empowering Yourself Through the Creation of Feel Good Spaces:  A Wholistic Guide to Making Your Home Work for You due in 2012.   

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