Flowers bring spring and summer into any space!  You can use flowers in the home and office to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.  Flowers can also protect and inspire, so use them for visualization, meditation or as a gift for someone you care for.  Throughout history people have realized that flowers can convey our deepest feelings.  Flowers carry with them the meaning of flowers, you can really use these gifts of nature to enhance the quality of your life.  When selecting flowers to buy or grow in your garden think carefully about the healing qualities they have.

Single flowers or a group of just a few flowers can look more stunning than a large mixed arrangement.  The Japanese art of Ikebana, teaches how to combine individual flowers and leaves with other pieces of natural material.  These arrangements are usually placed in an entrance hall, alcove or on a table or shelf in a dining or living room.

The most important thing to remember is that the display should be on its own, as it is the simplicity that which draws the eye and allows your mind to remain calm as you gaze upon it.



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