We all have different ways and ideas that we would like our interior spaces so as to create a unique feeling.  Creating something special and unique that will be placed in your home really means a lot. When you create something from your heart, you will in turn be motivated to take much care and attention while designing it.  As you create, it means that you are expressing yourself through it and it will always remind you of some feeling, action or even someone when you look at it.

Being creative is part of our nature and is essential to us as human beings.  When you are creative, you are able to connect ideas, find answers and put out a unique mark and by creating something unique portrays how your mind thinks and works.  Creating something special or unique doesn’t have to be pricey or even complicated because you can use simple ideas and materials to create. While creating for your interior space, it will mean creating things that you need, but in a way that no one else would imagine. It also means turning an item that you have in the house to serve a different purpose than it is intended for but in a unique way.

When you want to create something unique or special for your interior space you may consider the following:

  • Know your vision- this is related to what do you want the item to convey while it is in the space. What do you want it to add to your space either warmth, brightness, cheer, glamor or a relaxing effect in the space? Is it modern or traditional?
  • Know what you would want to change in your current space- some of the pieces that you would want to give away can be transformed and used to create something else.
  • If you don’t have an idea, you may read designer blogs and interior design magazines to get inspiration and DIY projects. You can visit antique stores or second-hand stores where you will get accessories and furniture that you can use to create something unique for your home.

Some of the ideas you can use to create something special or unique include:


  • You may decide to go natural, for example, make an item carved from a tree and just smooth the edges so that it doesn’t cause injuries to anyone.
  • Take an arts and crafts class that helps you learn new artistic skills to create something special for your space.  A few classes like sewing, basket weaving, glass making, or bowl or vase making classes could in turn help you create special items like quilts, pillows, vases, glass items etc.
  • One of my favorite things to do is take a painting or collage class.  Through this you can create a wonderful piece of art for your space that is uniquely your own.
  • Create something that will look expensive by using vintage or antique textiles, and this will inject a unique meaning and personalize your space. You may choose to have a luxurious look by mixing various textiles such as metal, glass, leather and wood.

Always use your own creativity to make a space totally unique to you and your personality.



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