There are some general rules about the colors to use in different spaces within a home.  For example, red raises your blood pressure, blue cools you down, green gives you a sense of space.  But these things are not as important as your own “true colors”.  This is because your true colors say things about you:  who you are; what you wish to express; what you need; what creates the atmosphere that allows you to live each day.

This is why, when you are moving into a new home or thinking of redecorating any part of the one you already have, this is the perfect time to be looking at how best to create a space for yourself that brings out the best in you that makes you feel peaceful as well as energetic; spacious as well as secure.

Decorating with your inspiration color could take you into your inner world of dreams and fantasies, uplift your spirits and raise your vibration level.

Walk around your home.  Pick out all the colors you like to look at and make a list of them.  Pick out all the colors that are neutral to you.  Then, pick out the colors that you don’t like to look at and make a list of them.

Looking at color can provide you mental therapy.  If it is pleasant, it is balancing to you.  If it is neutral, it means you have a sufficient amount of color in your aura.  If it is irritating, it is too much because you already have more than enough of that color vibration in your soul.

The colors in your home will give out messages about your personality and who you are.  So show yourself and your home off to the fullest and most colorful, making sure you use colors that are true to who you are.

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