People find inspirations for their interior designing in many different ways. Some choose to copycat over the internet while some try to be as original and creative as possible. Some are inspired by that ‘Doctor Who’ theme – or dramas that were popular in their childhood. For some they are simply inspired by memories of their time – the good memories, the bad experiences and the ugly truths that may seem phenomenally influential at that time but if you think about them now, you are in awe of how stupid they were.

I am a believer that your interior design preferences are formed from experiences of your own life, especially your childhood. I feel that in order for feel good spaces to have the best results, you should consider your childhood memories of space and color.  If feel it sheds light on a your decor preferences as an adult.

Before you get down to redecorating for your home, think about your preferences and what inspired them in the first place. This exercise is important, because it lets you be as objective as possible in keeping things that are part of your life and using them as a cornerstone to designing your ideal space. For instance, for someone who lived in a joint family, during his childhood, would value privacy and would want to design a space where they could have some alone time without the interference.

It’s a universal truth that your home is a reflection of your memories. And sometimes the most troublesome memory has the potential to give you the best design inspiration ever. So before you start decorating your own interior, jot down all that you liked and all that you did not like about your childhood home.  This will be the basis of creating a new story, a new memory of your adult interior.

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