March is National Color Therapy Month!  So I along with many colleagues around the country are celebrating this month by educating the public about the therapeutic aspects of color in interiors!

You feel the benefit of being in a light and bright environment.  Not only does light affect your spirit, but it also benefits your physical health.  Light which reflects the seven rainbow colors has a profound affect on us every day.  We are reacting to color vibrations while we are awake and when we are asleep.  Color is a force in itself and one that penetrates every level of our being.  Although we are constantly interacting to color energy, it is rarely that we consciously use this powerful force to help us improve our quality of life and state of health.  Color is the first and most important means of creating a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in our interiors.

Color Therapy used in our interiors teaches us how to create an aesthetically pleasing environment but also helps us feel good about ourselves.  We can use color to alleviate problems we have, whether they are mental, spiritual, physical or emotional.  This does not mean that we have to be ill in order to benefit from color therapeutics, but we can use it for creative and spiritual inspiration in our homes.

Throughout this month Kreative Koncepts will feature blog articles that will focus on our responses to color.  In addition, Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC will feature some special events and classes to help you focus your interior color for healing.

Remember the colors you use in your environment can relax and heal, balance your emotions, aid learning and can be mentally stimulating or relaxing.

Come journey with me during this fascinating month full of color and magic!

To learn more, check out my first teleseminar series Color Healing Home: Wellness In Your Decor:

March 22, 2011

8:00 pm EST – 9:30 pm EST

Cost: $18.00


Webinar Instructions will be e-mailed upon registration.


In celebration of National Color Therapy Month, Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC presents this one of kind healing webinar just for you!

Learn the ancient practices of healing yourself and loved ones though selecting wall and decor colors in your home from the comfort of your home or office.

For less than $20 you will learn:

-How to determine your personal development color and how to apply it in your home decor.

– An overview of suggested Feng Shui healing colors for various rooms of your home.

– How to apply color in your home decor to improve the energy around you, lfit your spirits, decrease stress/anxiety and heal health conditions.

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