Electromagnetic energy is a topic rarely discussed in healthy interiors.  However, it is important for you and those you love to be aware of its detriments.  All life forms are made up of subtle, yet complex, electrical fields that influence vital functions such as metabolism, growth, thought, movement and overall health.  The human body is composed of ions, water and minerals, making it a conductor of electrical energy.  Billions of electrical impulses regulate the activity of every living cell in our bodies, affecting its ability to heal itself and impact our well being.

Typically, electromagnetic pollution pertains to radiation emitted by things like high tension power lines; however, invisible Electromagnetic Fields of Engergy (EMFs) are an often overlooked danger to the nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems as well as every organ and bone in the body.  EMFs are generated by household and office items such as radios, home appliances, water-beds, smoke alarms, electric blankets, hair dryers, refrigerators, cell phones, computers, televisions, etc.

Electromagnetic pollution weakens the immune system and can be responsible for additional physical,  mental, and emotional stress in the body.  Achieving optimal health in a flood of electromagnetic waves is a difficult challenge of our technology-driven world; thus becoming consciously aware of this danger’s existence is the first step in acknowledging the effects of this invisible and silent health hazard.

I invite you to take a look around your electromagnetic environment and determine which household and office appliances are indispensable and which ones can be eliminated.   If it is simply impossible to avoid the use of common EMFs such as microwaves for example,  try to consciously reduce your dependence on them.

Cell phones are another example of EMFs. Reduce their use and put them in a safe place.

To reduce the effects of EMF radiation from a holistic Feng Shui perspective, you should avoid microwaving foods and start increasing your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Because EMFs deplete the immune system, it is also a good idea to replenish your body with vitamins, minerals, exercise and meditation.

If possible remove all electromagnetic products from places of rest and relaxation like bedrooms and meditation areas

Whenever possible if you have a Television in your bedroom, place it in a cabinet, armoire  or hutch and close it when it is not in use.  If you do not have a piece of furniture to conceal it, simply place a blanket over it.

Computers should be kept only in home offices.  Avoid placing a computer and desk in your bedroom if possible.  If you have to try purchasing a compact desk that closes up when not in use or try the suggestions in the previous paragraph to conceal it when not in use.

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