…A few pieces from the Kelly Hoppins furniture line.  Seriously, not only does her furniture remind me of the sleekest chicest articles of clothing that I have ever laid my angelic eyes upon but it she resembles the female fashionista god in appearance herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.  She recently remodeled the Kensington Palace and must I say, “she did very well”.

Using pieces from her line feature at Century Furniture Kelly decided to give Kate and Will’s palace a modern twist.


One of the Beckam’s favorite designers, Kelly hoped to bring modernism into their living quarters by adding pieces of her own collection, different hues of wall treatment, different textures and an arraignment of prints and fabrics. With that being said when I grow up, I too dream of living in a palace lined with fur, velvet, suede, leather and geometrical shapes too.

Photos courtesy of Material Girls Blog

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