We all go through major life transitions and how you deal with the transition determines how you adjust and cope with the new changes in your life. Here are some practices that you can do daily in your space that can support you during a major transition period.

I know what you’re picturing – you are settled cross-legged on the floor humming OM. Meditation goes beyond that, and you can develop your own style of meditation as long as your body is ease and your mind is at peace. You can sit in a quiet place and stay still for ten minutes simply being aware of the present moment and nothing else. Take deep breaths and you enjoy the meditative state that you develop. Create a special place for you to do your meditation in a room that is away from the noise and you can paint the walls with a relaxing cool color such as shades of blue. Decorate this space with shells or candles and have soft lighting to help you relax.

Yoga is a discipline that integrates practices such as breath control, simple meditation and varying body poses for relaxation and overall wellness. Yoga unifies the body, mind, and soul and it is also recognized as a form of exercise that boosts your physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is a soothing practice that helps to stimulate and clear your mind and open up your body. Select a dedicated area where you will be doing your yoga every day with minimal distractions. A room with open space is ideal. Have as little furniture as possible. Put up French windows to let in a lot of sunlight and air. Have hardwood floors instead of carpets and put up mirrors and candles in strategic areas around the room to make it warm and stylish.

Brush up your culinary skills
We all appreciate good food and cooking can be a way to immerse yourself in a fun activity with a delicious output! Cooking is a process and trying out new recipes is more fun when you have all the tools in place, and you’re doing it in a beautiful kitchen space. Lighting is important in the kitchen. In addition to the overhead lights, also include under-cabinet lights that shine directly on countertops to prevent shadows on your workspace. Invest in a range hood that helps ventilate cooking odors. Get a stainless steel garbage container to handle all your trash and spruce up the kitchen floor with beautiful hardwood that is easy to clean and maintain. You can also go for a hard natural stone floor that has an earthy feel to it and is pleasant to walk on.


Journaling is a great way for preserving memories and releasing pent up emotions in a safe way. Journaling encourages your creative spark and provides a cathartic outlet for expressing what you are experiencing during a major life transition. Regular writing helps release the stresses of daily life and improves your mental and emotional wellbeing. You can either use a paper notebook or your phone or laptop. Your writing space needs to be clear of clutter so get rid of stuff that you don’t use and store things neatly in their proper places. Get a good sturdy desk with a good surface and drawers so that you can store your stationery neatly. Invest in a comfortable chair which is good for your back and posture. Have a vase of flowers on your desk and a delicious candle to make your space smell great. Get a beautiful lamp by your desk with right lighting for your late night jotting.

Music and Dance
Great music is a balm for the soul and lifts your mood instantly. Hearing your favorite song is enough to bring a smile to your lips and chase the day’s blues. Dancing is an entertaining way to keep in shape whether it’s ballroom, Latin, hip hop or aerobics. Dancing is a whole body workout and an alternative to going to the gym. A daily dose of dance improves your outlook, is good for your heart, boosts your brain power, and you lose some calories in the process. Select a room that is open with no furniture and hardwood floors. Lighting is important. You can invest in bright spotlights or the little twinkle lights on Christmas decorations as well. Brighten up dull and plain walls with pictures of dance scenes. You can also have a music room where you can play your favorite musical instrument. Have strong colors for the walls, a vibrant red that is distinct and welcoming at the same time. Showcase your favorite musical instruments such as guitars on the walls creating your unique identity or a set of drums or a classical piano to play beautiful music.

Detox Baths
Detox baths are an excellent way to relax, rejuvenate and cleanse your body and your mind. Detox baths range from baking soda detox that helps you de-stress to ginger detox baths that get the body to sweat more so as to eliminate toxins from the body, leaving you feeling cleaner, more energetic and getting rid of the symptoms of a cold. Have wall-mount lights on each side of the mirror for a beautiful glow. Refurbish your tub with a fresh new color or install a freestanding bathtub either a soaking bathtub or whirlpool tub for maximum relaxation. Include flowers, shells, or beautiful glass vases with an aesthetic appeal. Spruce up your bathroom with a color that energizes and soothes your spirit.

Expand your hobby
You can scale your hobby to the next level by spending some time every day on doing something that you love. Explore your artsy side by doing your DIY crafts creations, crocheting or starting your very own books collection. Whatever your hobby, have a sturdy table with lots of work space. Create lots of storage areas for materials and decorate shelves with your favorite items.

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