One of the core ingredients of my Feng Shui services for my clientele is a beautiful and detailed ceremony aimed at cleaning and sanctifying the energy in a physical space by uplifting the energy, generally referred to as Qi.

The space clearing process takes out past energies and unblocks  energies that have over time become stagnant. It also involves reawakening the dead energy of a space.Space clearing is a powerful technique to clear unwanted energies in your space.  It is also a great technique to revitalize or recirculate good energy within your space.  Whenever you are going through a major life transition, I highly recommend this practice to shift the energy within yourself and your space.


The possible changes that space clearing can bring into your life are quite numerous. Some of them include:

  • It takes out the traces of previous occupants.
  • It sanctifies the space of a new home or business.
  • It helps you start your life afresh as well as move forward
  • It brings good luck to a new office or business.
  • It helps pin pount and take out any thing causing health challenges.
  • It gives your life a clear and dynamic view.
  • It makes it easier to sell your property.
  • It helps in creating a space that would attract new projects, people, and ideas.
  • It makes for better communication with loved ones and colleagues.
  • Helps in making spaces intimate such that people can easily sort out their differences.
  • Helps one have a sense of direction in life.
  • Reconnects one spiritually.
  • It creates a beautiful space for welcoming a newly born baby
  • It adds an energy of success to the work place
  • It takes out any form of clutter in your space.

I usually work with a burning sage or sometimes with incense as I use a Feng Shui technique called Tracing the 9 Stars and the Bagua and a series of affirmations to walk through the various parts of the home.  My clients are always involved in the process including in some cases their pets.  It is a powerful technique that leaves the home cleansed and revitalized.

While performing the space clearing process, you will not need to carry around any furniture as it focuses on more on the energy in the space. The process brings lightness and clarity to the space. Most people that have experienced the process confirm that their home actually feels like their own as it removes all traces of the previous owner.

When I first moved to my new rented townhome last year, I read several affirmations and diffused special essential oils to assist me with clearing the space.  Here are a few examples of essential oils including their cleansing properties you may want to work with:

Lavender – for disinfecting, purifying, and promoting relaxation.

Rosemary – for protecting and detoxifying

Frankincense – for uplifiting the spiritual vibration of a space

Lemon – for bringing an energetic brightness to a space

Cypress – for breaking up super stagnant energy and creating “flow”

People who move into a new property have also stated that the ceremony helps them take charge of the land and place their priorities right. The process practically brings a place alive as well creates an excitement that can be compared with the excitement that comes with the Christmas morning or any other special event.

Consider space clearing an awesome technique for creating new energy in your space.  Want more?  Sign up for my weekly inspirations here.  Also my new book Landing on Your Feet and Setting Down Roots: 21 Rituals To Transform Your Life and Your Space is now available!  Check out how to order here.


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