Everybody loves the environment: everyone explores sea pollution, jeopardized species, power plant, hazardous waste, and do nothing worthwhile about it. However, it is simple to neglect our closest environment, our bedroom – where we reside, where we sleep, where we charge our chi. The most important space in our home is the smallest – our bedroom. Surprisingly, we spend about one-third of our lifetime in this particular location. Throughout sleep, the human body is several times much more responsive to environmental impacts than when awake. The body has a highly active regulatory mechanism at its disposal to fend off stress during the day while the body, mind and soul want to relax at night.

10 feng shui strategiesfor a harmonious bedroom

From a yin/yang point of view, the bedroom is quite more yin, peaceful and quiet environment; you desire to feel protected and don’t want powerful and distracting chi to disturb you. On the other hand, there needs to be a beneficial circulation of chi and a great amount of available fresh air to recharge you.

Listed below are 10 strategies to Feng Shui your bedroom. With these, you can make your all-important space a sanctuary.

1. Preferably, the bedroom should be far from the front door. This mirrors the usual way our primitive ancestors sleep. They do not sleep in the mouth of the cave.

2. When you enter your bedroom, note the location of your windows. Chi tends to flow between the door and any windows, therefore, prevent positioning your bed along this line of flow.

3. Place your bed in such a way that you can see the doorway from where you sleep, thus, giving you a deeper sense of security.

4. If it’s possible, place your bed as far from the door as possible.

5. Eliminate the habit of sleeping with your head near the window so that your chi won’t dissipate through it. You feel more exhausted on awakening when this happens.

6. If you have your bathroom, shower or toilet leading off your bedroom, ensures that their doors are always closed while you are asleep.

7. Considering that the bedroom is an even more yin environment, the lighting effects that you choose has to mirror this. Soft lighting is perfect. Avoid having lightening directly over your bed.

8. Pastel colors are perfect.

9. Avoid making your mirror visible while sleeping. The worst situation of all is a mirror at the foot of the bed.

10. Position something breathtaking that inspires you where you first look in the morning.

With these strategies, you will begin not only to transform your bedroom space but your life as well. Consider how Feng Shui can revitalize your life.

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